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Salam Aidilfitri 2010

Now is the end of Ramadan. A few days to go Syawal. After a month of fasting, muslims all over the world will celebrate Aidilfitri, usually about a month. Before the month of glory come, muslims are busy preparing themselves for this twice-a-year celebration (the other Hari Raya is Hari Raya Aidiladha).

In Malaysia, mostly muslims go back to their hometown or village to enjoy this moment with their beloved families and relations. But, a little numbers of them did not go back to their origin, because of some reasons. Some of them need to take care of Malaysia’s territory (soldiers of course), on duty during festivals (policeman) and more. As a replacement, they are sending letters, postcards and  e-mails to their family, to wish


This picture was captured at Lahad Datu Science Secondary School, last 2008. Using my Nikon Coolpix L16.

Special to SMSLD’s teachers, where ever you are.

The wish… and hope…


Comments on: "Salam Aidilfitri 2010" (4)

  1. yeah!! ak sampai ko blog ko~~
    ko da trjebak ngan photoshot n photoshop da~~haha..keep on doin!! :)

    • jKOH: hehe…blog ne dah dekat setahun kawan2 lain ramai lg xtahu..
      aq mmg suka photo(shot&shop)..hehe…sejak masuk matrik gtu..
      anyway, tq 4 viewing~ FEEL FREE TO COMMENT (^^,)V

  2. Mat Noor, Jemput join kat website ict4me TalkPage. SMS saya username yang awak nak, nanti saya create account awak

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