Shoot More, Edit Less

This pics was taken last Ramadan. After morning prayer (solat Subuh), I took the bus to the main campus. As I came earlier before the classes started, so I often go to Masjid UTeM, usually doing some revision there. At that time, the sun is rising, and I didn’t aspect that the sun’s ray will directly goes to the words “An-Nur”, which is one of Allah’s names. And for sure, my name is Nur!!! The sun’s ray was totally natural. I mean, not being ‘photoshoped’.


Comments on: "My name is NUR. And I’m not a terrorist!" (4)

  1. mantap blog!! :)

    • besa2 jak bha bilang orang..hhehe..
      neway, thanks for viewing..more interesting@attractive pictures will be uploaded… :D

  2. nice.. Maha Suci Allah..

  3. kagum dengan hasil kerja anda.^__^

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