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Raya at Terengganu

Last Hari Raya Aidilfitri, I didn’t back to my home because during that time, I only got 2 weeks of holiday. I think it is not worth to spend hundreds of Ringgit Malaysia for just that short time. So I decided to follow my roommate (semester 1) to selebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri, since me and my friend (from Keningau, Sabah) were invited to join him.

I was really enjoy that time because its my first time to go Terengganu and this is my first Raya, celebrating it without being together with my beloved family. I could not lie, it was very sad moment when comes to Pagi Raya and together with the Imam Solat Sunat Aildilfitri to do Takbir (Allahuakhbar). Now I know how is the feeling of celebrating the most important event in my whole life without them. And for this year, I’m going to celebrate it with them, inshaAllah. I don’t want that sadness come for the second time!! Mom, dad, wait for me.. hehe..

So, here are some pics that I took during that time. Actually there’s a lot of pics, but I just publish only a few of them.

The location of the house is just near the sea. Yes! I can mandi laut..hehe

“Don’t take anything except photographs, don’t leave anything except footprints!”

White shell, not the Yellow-Oil-Shell.. :P

Myvi + Alza = Alvi a.k.a Myza

Reuse.. save the environtment :D


Emm… I didn’t remember the name of this building.. XD


Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah @ Masjid Terapung


Raising sun and a model, which is my friend. Want to know him? ^^,


Two handsome guys were looking at the Ikan Duyong.. haha.. just kidding..


And finally, this is….. a friend of mine.. :P
Going to see the sunrise after Isyrak.



Comments on: "Raya at Terengganu" (2)

  1. Terenganu is the best…. Really want to go there again…

    • muhdnur said:

      yeap… so many things to be done there.. last time I’ve been there just for 1 week, only few places being visited.. :(

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