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Wow. For about a year, my dream come true. hehehe.. Since I’ve studied at Labuan Matriculation, I was started to give a spotlight on Apple’s product. The first gadget that being introduced to me is Macbook Pro. Thanks to Mr Syed Nasir, my Sains Informatik‘s lecturer. He has told me many information about it, what is the advantages of it and so on. Since that, I’m fall in love with Apple. Whoa!

But, there’s something that makes me ‘not-easy’ to own the Macbook Pro. The price. Too expensive. But for sure, the price is a little bit higher than the other notebooks because of the quality. So, to own MBPro takes me years. haha..

“2011: The Year of iPad2”

Yes! And it’s happening on me. Since I can’t own the MBPro, I brought iPad2 instead. Because its more cheaper than MBPro or iMac. Now I’m an Apple family..woohoo..~yeah! And I’m using this-very-precious-gadget to do some tasks such as surfing the web, e-mail, playing games, and even doing assignments.

Microsft Office for windows : iWork for Mac
1. Power Point : Keynote

2. Word : Pages

3. Exel : Numbers

And for the Apps Store, you will not believe it.
Over 90,000 apps for iPad. For work, play and in between. Just go to :)


Comments on: "Which MAC I am? I’m an iPad2." (3)

  1. laaawaalaa mat.,haha

  2. hehe…jom beli iPad~ berbaloi2..ngehehe… XD

  3. […] ni aku pernah tulis entri berkaitan dengan Apple ni. Klik sini. Product Apple yang pertama aku miliki ialah iPad 2. Sungguh hensem terasa diri ini bila […]

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