Shoot More, Edit Less

Special thanks!

I started learning photography during my study at Labuan Matriculation College. And until now, I’m still learning the art of photography. Sincerely, I’ve never attending any formal photography’s classes. I mean, the ‘paid’ one. There are some individuals that really help me to understand and mastering photography for free!

And what I really do is, I just trying to take pictures exactly like theirs. Sometimes, they tap my shoulder from behind, show me ‘how-to-setup’ the gear, ask me to be at certain position, and ask me to shoot. It really works!

But now, I’m studying in engineering course, far from media courses. Not even close to photography. So, it makes me feel a little upset and even thinking of quitting from photography.


Gladly there’s someone who really inspire me in photography. He’s the one who teach me lots about photography when I was zero. Even its been almost 3 years, we still keep in touch. And for sure, every time he updated his blog, it makes me want to post more frequent in this blog.

Oh by the way, he is the one who ask me and my fellow friends to write a blog using WordPress. Just like this blog.

Thank you, Sir Syed Nasir. Happy Teacher’s Day.


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